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  • Tom Paolella

What a God Send!

“In the last weeks of 2013 we developed an urgent need for a second car given that one of our cars went off to the Elephant Grave Yard unexpectedly. I had already been doing a bit of research anticipating the need but dreaded the idea of braving the onslaught of dealership salesmen and knowing deep in my stomach that although I knew what a fair price was based on my research, I was helpless in standing my ground when they would be intent in wearing me down. So I reached out to Tom and Car Concierge Plus based on further research on his services to help me with my purchase.

What a God send! Tom was great at understanding my needs, acknowledged that I had already done a fair amount of research, already test drove the car I wanted and was prepared with a down-payment and a plan of action.

He insisted on my sticking to my guns on the exact car that I wanted and he pursued my desired vehicle with a vengeance, given that he wanted to take advantage of the year end deals (as did I). He successfully sourced the exact car (2013 Toyota Rav4 Limited in Red with a Tan interior) that I wanted, and I took delivery on Dec 31st. It was a pleasure working with Tom, he touched base often, and made sure that I did not give up on what I wanted and not settling for second best, and most importantly he took on the "pain" of navigating the preliminary steps of buying a car by being my quarterback and representing his client's best interest!" Eternally grateful ​- Margie, Bloomfield NJ


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