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  • Tom Paolella

We Were In and Out Thanks to Tom

“Once again I am so very impressed by Tom Paolella’s services. My husband and I recently leased a Toyota Tacoma. My husband had a couple of pickup trucks he was interested in. He told Tom the price range he wanted to be in for the monthly payments, and to be honest I thought it was impossible. Sure enough, Tom got us an AMAZING deal on a beautiful black Toyota Tacoma with no money down. We picked up the car this weekend. We walked into an extremely busy Toyota dealership, but we were in and out thanks to Tom and the fact that he took care of all the financials during the week- we literally signed and drove home. In addition, we found out that service, as far as oil changes & tire rotations, is included for the first 25,000 miles, which makes this deal ever better. Shout out to Toyota of Hackensack as well as Car Concierge Plus. Tom’s services are worth ever single penny! There is no doubt that he ends up getting you such a good deal that you end up saving money-sometimes thousands of dollars! I highly recommend using Car Concierge Plus if you have not already. You will be just as impressed as I am-every single time!”


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