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  • Tom Paolella

Treats You like a Member of His Family

“Let me start by saying this – if you are currently aware of Car Concierge’s services and Tom, and you consciously make a decision to buy a car without using him, then you my friend are an idiot and have done yourself, your family, and your bank account a huge disservice. Let’s face it, none of us want to admit that we’re not the best at everything. Our kids have to be the best in school and at sports, we all have to be the best at work, and better yet we love to share it all on Facebook. Admit to yourself for a second that most likely you know hardly anything about the intricacies of buying a car and here you have a guy and a company who DO know more than you will ever know – stop being stubborn and cheap, pay this guy his few hundred bucks and drive home in your new car knowing that you got an amazing deal, with 0 buyer’s remorse. I didn't know Tom from a hole in the wall prior to using this service but was referred from a friend and let me tell you this – in today’s world it seems like you can’t trust anyone, this guy is legit. He knows more about cars and prices, and gas mileage, more so than anyone else I have ever spoken to, and all the while, treats you like a member of his family.”- David K., Saddle River NJ


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