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  • Tom Paolella

Tom Made Life 100% Easier

Not sure where to even begin. Let's start off by saying how grateful I am for having Tom Paolella (Car Concierge Plus, LLC) in my life. Over the past 4 months, I was experiencing nonstop issues with my 2018 Accord. It was to the point where I had to make the decision to get rid of it and get something else. Being all over the state with work, it was essential that I needed a reliable vehicle at all times. The last thing I wanted to do is deal with car shopping, dealerships, and headaches trying to find something especially in this car market.

I made ONE call to Tom.....Explained to him everything I wanted. From design, price, features. He gave me all this expertise. Before you know it he set me up to where I was in and out of the dealership within less than an hour. He did all the backend work which made life 100% easier. He makes the process too easy. Goes above and beyond, makes himself available and explains EVERYTHING.

Because of him, I have a car that I absolutely love with every feature and more. I believe in everything he does with this business, and I wouldn't go to anyone else when it comes to cars. The relationships he has established and the knowledge he has does not match any other person. I truly wouldn't have been able to find this car at the price I wanted with all the features it has if it weren't for this guy. Thank you!


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