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  • Tom Paolella

This Is Your Man!

"Ok so let me start out by saying this guy is the man!!! This is the second time we have used Tom Paolella of Car Concierge Plus. We will be using him again in August of next year for a new Range Rover. I had a trade in (2015 Nissan GT-R) he set up multiple appointments at half a dozen dealers to negotiate the best price for my car! After each dealer gave him the price (not me, he did all the leg work) he says "Vinnie, let's try another place we can get more." This guy is relentless! I love it! Once we received a good number we were both happy with it was car hunting time! I thought I knew exactly what I wanted (2017 Nissan GT-R). Boy was I wrong! I test drove the Nissan and wasn't very happy at all. So Tom sent me a variety of different exotics to check out. He had no idea of what I wanted and yet he read my mind! What he sent me wasn't a couple of cars he Googled on the fly. He knew the cars, specs, horsepower, amenities, 0-60's etc. I had interest in the Porsche 911 Twin Turbo S model after he sent me specs on this vehicle. He found one in budget at a Porsche dealer in PA. He set up the appointment. I go there and the salesperson had already been briefed and knows my situation. He already had the car prepped, outside and ready for a test drive. We come back, Tom calls him...then Tom calls me. Deals done! He did all the work!! Porsche of Main Line came to my house to drop the car off, sign papers and to take my trade. Tom set this all up!! If anyone is looking to buy a new or preowned vehicle, this is your man! He knows the ins and outs of everything! He can save you time and money for your next purchase!! Thank you again for all the help!!" - Vincent Masi, Brick NJ, owner of Next Generation Electric L.L.C


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