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  • Tom Paolella

This Car Was Everything and More That I Wanted

"It was the morning of my best friend's wedding day, and I as the maid of honor was running around doing my maid of honor duties when my car decided to break down. That was the last straw for me after having fixed it for the hundredth time - I knew I had to get a new car. I had 3 weeks to find a new car, since I was using my friend's car (the groom) while they were away on their honeymoon. I was already two weeks in and I had seen a few cars already and tried negotiating but it seemed that every car I liked would sell right away.

I had one week left to find a car and that's when my colleague suggested I go to Tom and boy am I glad I did. I gave him the information on the type of car I was looking for in the morning and by evening he already had choices for me to see. We had an awful experience with one of the dealerships (Hudson Toyota) in which they wasted our time by not being honest about the car since all they wanted to do was sell it, but Tom gave them an earful and I'm sure he won't be giving them any business. I had changed my mind about the make and wanted to upgrade a bit which meant my budget would have to go up a bit too. I told Tom and he found me one that same day - he negotiated much less than the asking price including taxes and the car was less than I expected.

This car was everything and more that I wanted, and I absolutely LOVE it! The best part was when I went to the dealership Tom had already spoken with them so I just had to go in test drive and sign the papers. Tom was always available when I needed him, even as I was signing the finance papers and they were trying to sell me on extras, I was texting with him and he was telling me yes and no to what I should get and no more than a certain amount, it felt like he was there with me. I am truly happy with his work and he definitely goes above and beyond to get you what you the best within your budget. I HIGHLY recommend him!  – Diana, Perth Amboy NJ


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