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  • Tom Paolella

The Exact Color and Features We Wanted

"I HATE shopping for cars. Don’t get me wrong. I like driving a nice car. But the thought of having to search online or visit dealerships, sends me right to the dentist's chair. When my husband and I needed a

new family vehicle to replace our long worn and loved Suburban, I suggested to my husband that we try Car Concierge Plus. Tom had been a colleague earlier in my career, and I had been following his new business Car Concierge Plus for many years. It intrigued me how he could take the pain and uncertainty out of car buying. It sounded almost too good to be true. Also, I was not sure if we could afford Tom’s service, or if the savings he would find would truly cover the cost of hiring him to negotiate our new car. I was wrong on all accounts. Working with Tom was the best decision we made. Tom helped us narrow down a long list of possible new cars. We discussed our needs and how the various cars best met them. Once we narrowed the list, he set up two test drives.

We just showed up at the dealership at the scheduled time, and the sales person let us drive the car. We missed out on all the sales pitches and pressures. When done with the test drives, we just left and gave Tom our feedback. We were still uncertain which car we wanted, so Tom located and negotiated the price of both two cars we were considering — with the exact color and features we wanted. He was completely transparent, and strategized how to get an even better price then we originally thought possible.

 Once we had both offers, we were able to make a decision. The entire process, from our first call to Tom, to having the car in possession took about a week. It could have even been done in less time if my husband and I were able to move faster. I cannot imagine that we will ever buy another car without working with Tom and Car Concierge Plus. It was painless, without pressure, and we paid the lowest prices possible for our new car. It doesn’t matter where you live or what type of car you are looking for. Tom and Car Concierge Plus can work with you and make the entire car buying experience a pleasant one. Thank you again Tom. We will be back again!" - Stephanie, Darien CT


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