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  • Tom Paolella

The Entire Process a Breeze

“I had heard about Tom and Car Concierge Plus through a friend, however I was a little skeptical about using his services as I felt I could handle all the circumstances that come with buying a car. But after spending 2 hours at a dealership and getting absolutely nothing accomplished but a big waste of time, I decided to give him a try. And boy, am I glad I did. Tom made the entire process a breeze. He always kept our best interest in mind and immediately sensed when there was an issue - perhaps unsure about a particular vehicle - and made sure we did not make a decision that we would later regret. He was always in our corner and even negotiated the APR Rate as well, saving us a ton of money. Who knew??? Suffice to say I will always use Tom when purchasing a car in the future and will also highly recommend him to anyone who is doing the same. The only reason why I see you wouldn’t use his service is because you have the time and money to burn.” – Joe, Middletown NJ


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