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  • Tom Paolella

The Best Decision that I Made

"Using Tom as my car concierge was the best decision that I made. I found out about Tom from my daughter who used his services to find her a used car about a month ago and she was very happy with his professional services. Purchasing my Lexus RX350L couldn’t have been an easier process. I called Tom, we talked for a bit on what I wanted in the car, and within days, he contacted me with the name of the dealer and salesperson to contact. I went down to the dealership, spoke to the salesman and signed the paperwork (which the salesman had prepared ahead of time, no waiting for hours in the showroom) and drove off in my brand spanking new Lexus RX350L. And Tom saved me a nice sum of money in his negotiations! So what could be easier? If you have some hesitation about putting money upfront for Tom’s services, don’t. It is well worth having Tom as your concierge working with his contacts in the car sales business to get you your best deal." - Mark, Old Bridge NJ

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