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  • Tom Paolella

Sole Interest Making Sure You're Satisfied

“Tom has the full skillset needed to assist someone with a vehicle purchase. From having a breadth of knowledge on most makes and models to the savvy necessary to interface with dealerships on your behalf, he's a good resource for virtually anything.

As someone who's car-savvy in the technical realm and does virtually all of his own maintenance, getting assistance for something automobile-related is unusual for me. But when my girlfriend's SUV was totaled (she was fine, thankfully) we needed to acquire a new vehicle sooner rather than later. Tom's patience and thoroughness through the whole process was quite welcome, as well as the ability to speak candidly with him.

Aside from the usual perks he's known for (interfacing w/ dealerships so you don't have to, haggling on your behalf, searching for deals, etc.), it was also good to have him around as a quick reference to also know what was and wasn't a reasonable price for a feature/warranty/etc. It saved us a good bit of time vs. having to look up typical prices and comparing the details. That alone was worth it in my opinion, and it's ridiculous to think of the large amount of time he put in relative to his fee.

Above all else, Tom's willingness to accommodate his customers is top-notch. He was still helping me out for the week he had to travel to Europe halfway through my "case", as it were. It's refreshing to have someone working for you whose sole interest is in making sure you're satisfied in a business where talk is cheap.”


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