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  • Tom Paolella

Saved Us the Hassle of Negotiating

"Chris and I were looking at cars for a few months prior to getting serious about making a purchase. I am the kind of person that needs to think things out, look at all my options, think some more, then finally make a decision. We had received written quotes from a few dealerships in our area so I could then sit and

decide what I could realistically afford. After the course of a few months and a couple more test drives, I HAD to have the fully loaded Acura MDX Advanced, with the heated steering wheel. The prices that we were given were slightly above what we wanted to spend, but again, I HAD to have this gorgeous car. That’s when we called Tom to see if he could get us closer to our budget. Tom quickly revealed that one of the dealerships pulled a little trick on us. They knew our budget and failed to include any sort of taxes or fees into the quote and also wrote us a quote on a lower model MDX despite writing on the quote “Advanced”. Apparently sometimes they do this when you love the car so you’ll come in, think of it as an honest mistake and still make the purchase at the new inflated rate. And honestly, we would have done it too.

Tom got on the phone immediately and started calling around, including the dealership who wrote me that phony quote. Less than 24 hours later, I was driving home from a different dealership with my brand new, fully loaded 2017 Acura MDX Advanced with 8 miles on it that I put on it while test driving. Meanwhile, the original dealership was still playing games with Tom over pricing, not to mention it was on the car the GM was driving with over 1000 miles on it already! Tom, seriously, thank you. You saved us the hassle of negotiating, saved us THOUSANDS of dollars on the price of the car and got us a monthly payment that worked for us within our budget.

We literally walked into the new dealership, test drove the car and the paperwork was all complete waiting for us to sign. You walked us through the trade in process, which was foreign to both of us. Your knowledge of the industry was apparent from our first phone call and we highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. PS - the heated steering was so worth it! Thank again!" - Chris and Corbi, Shelton CT


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