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  • Tom Paolella

Saved Me a Lot of Time and Stress

"It has been 14 years since I bought a car and I was getting overwhelmed with all the research and time involved. I knew I wanted a Toyota Sienna, but felt that no matter how hard I tried to learn how to buy a car, I would never be able to compete with car dealer sales staff who do this every day. I’m retired so getting a good price was important to me. During my reading I came across the idea of a car concierge and found Tom Paolella from an internet search. One phone call with Tom and I knew this was the way to go! He spent a lot of time to find out what was important to me in a car and it took only a few days for him to send a short list of cars to choose from. I was still undecided so Tom took the time to discuss all the cars with me and help me make the best choice. He immediately called the dealership and less than ½ hour later, I made final arrangements to buy the car. Tom stayed within my budget and found an amazing certified pre-owned Toyota Sienna XLE with only 8,000 miles! I never would have even located this car, let alone gotten the price that he did. It was well worth his fee to find the perfect car, negotiate a great price, and save me a lot of time and stress. Highly recommend!"- Terri, Pitman NJ


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