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  • Tom Paolella


"I've never been too confident when it comes to buying a car. I've always felt that dealerships have the advantage when you walk in and know what you want. With the last car I purchased, I felt I did not get the best deal so I decided to give Tom a try. I've known him since high school and had seen him advertising his service on facebook and thought it was right up my alley. I knew what I wanted and was hopeful that Tom would be able to get me the best possible price. Sure enough, he was able to get a significant discount off of the sticker price AND he was able to negotiate an additional service package for A LOT less than they were charging. All it took was a couple of phone chats and text exchanges with Tom - in which he was genuinely excited to search for my car! - and I was signing paperwork at the dealer within 2 weeks of giving Tom the green light. It was a pleasure working with Tom and I've already recommended him to my mother and a coworker, who will both be in the market for new cars very soon!" - John, Aberdeen NJ


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