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  • Tom Paolella

Recommend This Service to Anyone

"The process of buying a car has always been something I've dreaded. Never interested in doing the necessary research and being absolutely awful at negotiating are not a recipe for success. I COULD NOT be happier that I heard about Car Concierge Plus from a friend and immediately had to learn more. From the moment I spoke with Tom to go over what I was looking for I knew that this was going to be one of the

best decisions I've ever made. He was so thorough and honest about his process and walked me through everything in great detail and in a way that I felt completely comfortable with what I was doing. Everything from the test drives to the day I drove my car off the lot were just smooth sailing. No one ever spoke to me about money. No one ever tried to really 'sell' me anything and I still felt like a valued customer. I would recommend this service to anyone. Whether you love buying cars or have zero interest in the process (like me) - I would highly recommend working with Tom to get you what you need. He's so committed to his customers and seems to absolutely love the process - it seems silly to me not to. Thanks again Tom." - Erin, Metuchen NJ


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