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  • Tom Paolella

Really Made the Whole Process Simple

"Our experience with Tom and Car Concierge Plus was exactly as advertised. From narrowing down the universe of cars based on what we wanted and our price range, to helping us make a decision on the car to

choose, to getting a better than expected price, Tom really made the whole process simple. And while I know that car salesmen are nice people just doing their jobs to sell as many cars as possible, it was great knowing that someone else was handling all the pricing options back and forth with the dealerships. So when we walked into the dealership to pick up the car, all the work had been done ahead of time. Even when the process hit a few potholes (pun intended), Tom fixed them right away, and we got exactly what we wanted in the end. We are very happy we used Car Concierge Plus, and we will likely use the service again for the next car we need. I would highly recommend it! - Mike and Amber, Fanwood, NJ


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