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  • Tom Paolella

Provided a High Level of Service

"Tom at Car Concierge Plus provided exactly what we were looking for. Needing to replace an aging truck with something newer and within our budget, we were having a hard time navigating what was available and then being able to really assess the options without dealer bias and without having to trust some individual from Craigslist. We were missing both time to do the research and the right expertise. My husband and I

were talking one night that there should really be a service out there that does that work for you - and takes some of the stress out of the process. I did a brief online search and voila! - there was Tom's website. I will admit to having some level of trepidation at first - not having done this before. However we found pretty quickly that Tom was not only great to work with - but provided a high level of service - staying in touch so we knew he was there for us during the entire process of find/evaluate/negotiate/buy. Working with a lot of service people for a living, its really hard to find companies that you can honestly recommend. Not only would I love to have Tom help with my next auto purchase but I have already mentioned him to friends - because overall it was a very positive experience." 

- Carol, Oakdale NY


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