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  • Tom Paolella


“Well, this is our story - it was that time when your 16-year-old son is a few months away from getting his license and you cannot put if off any longer. It is time to buy a pre-owned car, one that you feel is safe, but, yet cool enough for your almost 17-year-old. Yes, the same child that never went through his terrible two’s but is now making up for it at 17! I had never thought of hiring someone to find a used car but my husband decided that this would be the best option and he was TOTALLY right! Within a day or two we had some options from Tom and he then had the patience to keep going back to the inventory as my son kept changing his mind on what he liked. With Tom’s dedication, he found us the best of both worlds – safe and cool and was then able to negotiate the price to something that was affordable. We would highly recommend Tom to anyone as his service and honesty is OUTSTANDING!” - The Muller Family – Manalapan, NJ


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