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  • Tom Paolella

One of the Easiest Purchases I’ve Ever Made for a New Car

"For anyone looking to buy, sell or lease a vehicle, I strongly recommend you consider Car Concierge Plus services provided by Tom Paolella. I wanted to share a recent experience regarding my second car purchased through Tom. While on a vacation in Rhode Island, I pulled into a car dealership and saw the

perfect vehicle for me and my family. I didn’t plan on purchasing a vehicle but when I saw this truck, I knew I had to buy it. I had zero clue as to the fair value for the vehicle with all its options so I had to make a call. I wasn’t pressured by the sales rep, but I just had no clue if I was getting a fair deal or not. So I walked outside - called Tom - and as fast as I got him the sticker for the vehicle he went right to work. Within 45 minutes I got a reply from Tom and he had a few excellent questions for me to ask the sales rep, as well as the price he felt was right for the vehicle. I walked back into the dealership armed with the information from Tom and confidently purchased the vehicle - never to wonder did I get a good deal or not. Because of the trust I have in Tom and my past buying experience with him this was one of the easiest purchases I’ve ever made for a new car. So Tom, THANK YOU!" - Anthony, Holmdel Nj


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