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  • Tom Paolella

Located My First Choice Within a Day

"Tom Paolella was incredibly resourceful, efficient, informative and personable. And he did an excellent job managing my expectations throughout the process. After spending a reasonable amount of time looking for, unbeknownst to me, a highly sought after Toyota 4Runner, it was apparent it was going to require an investment of time that I was not willing to commit to. So I looked into a car buying service and found Tom's information in an article about car buying professionals. I chose Tom, in part, because of his vast sales experience and because he had previously assisted buyers around the country.

Despite that I was here in Atlanta, GA and he was in New Jersey, he quickly tapped his resources and located my first choice within a day or so and presented me with various options here in the metro area in an email. He followed up by phone and explained the consequences and offered wise counsel regarding each option.

When I decided to forgo my first choice because it would have been the costliest option, Tom pivoted and found my second choice in less time. In fact, he found the best deal for the vehicle I wanted in Kentucky. While I worked with the dealership to complete the sale and coordinate arrangements for me to travel to pick up the vehicle, Tom was with me every step of the way answering my questions and offering guidance. He even went so far as to ensure the dealership sent someone to pick me up from the airport the day I arrived to pick up my truck. It was a first for the dealership and it saved me the stress and expense of renting a car and driving an hour from the airport to the dealership!

Undoubtedly, my experience was both positive and hassle-free because of Tom. When the wheels fall off my 4Runner (in 20 years) I'm calling him to help me find and buy my next vehicle!"


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