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  • Tom Paolella

Knows This Car Game

"I had a great experience with the Car Concierge Plus service. Tom is a true professional and master at his craft of helping his clients purchase vehicles of their choice. I didn't have to do anything but show up at the dealership, test drive the car, and make the decision to purchase. Tom found the exact car that i wanted from exterior to interior, he negotiated the price on the car, all the paper work was done before I arrived, and he coached me with what to say in the finance office and exit with the exact payment i was aiming for. Again before i decided yes or no, i just had to test drive the vehicle. Of course it was yes and now I'm a proud driver of a Lincoln MKZ. Tom knows this car game and I will use his service each and every time i decide to purchase a vehicle. Thanks again Tom!!!"- Kareem, Newark NJ


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