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  • Tom Paolella

Incredible Vehicle

"Tom made the impossible possible, the stressful seamless and the skeptical confident! No matter WHAT your situation is, financially, time restraints, credit score, etc. Tom can make it happen. For months I dreaded the arrival date of turning in my lease knowing I would have some "challenges" to get through. 

He 100% identified with all the issues, was non-judgmental, comforting and put me in an incredible vehicle I am blessed to have! Even though I told Tom I would be fine with just about any option he could pull off, he really went the extra extra mile to pinpoint that exact vehicle options I dreamed.

I was in and out of the dealer - a big shot out to NEIL and STEVE at SCHWARTZ MAZDA! All paperwork was ready upon my arrival and I was in and out in 20 minutes, back down the parkway in my new CX-9 sunroof open, stress free and radio on. Not even 5 minutes after leaving Tom checked in (from across the country in a different time zone!) to MAKE SURE everything went smoothly. Car Concierge is the way to go for ANYONE in ANY situation looking to find the best deal on the vehicle they want! Much love and thanks to Tom!" - Darelene, Hillsborough NJ


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