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  • Tom Paolella

I Wish Somebody Told Me About Him Sooner!

“When I was referred to Tom I had already done the extensive legwork to identify the vehicle, year, options, and price that I had targeted. I brought Tom my “research dossier” and had shown him two specific vehicles I planned to follow up on, one I was more interested in than the other. Tom reviewed the information on the car I was most interested in and made ONE phone call to the dealership in my presence, wherein he: Got the $895.00 internet fee waived / Negotiated my trade-in value / Set up my appointment. Along with all that, he requested me to call him when I was at a “final price point” with the salesman, and at that time he had another $400.00 knocked off from the bargained price. I wish somebody told me about him sooner!” – Ken, Brick NJ 


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