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  • Tom Paolella

I Was Happy as a Clam on My New Purchase

“Car Concierge Plus, “CCP,” gives you a level playing field in buying a car. It is THE best $400 spent on a car.  I was looking to buy a car and had known Tom Paolella for many years, but was not aware of his vast knowledge of cars and the dealing with car dealers. I was looking for a used car with approximately 50,000 miles. I contacted Tom and he quickly came back to me with 5 CPO, Certified Preowned Vehicles. I asked him which was his gut instinct as to which one I should go with and he recommended the Kia Sportage which I ended up purchasing. He suggested the Kia based on low maintenance expense history, low mileage, CPO, high gas mileage and number of days on dealership.  Tom was able to negotiate a great deal which more than compensated for CCP fee. I calculate that the fee was about 10% of what he actually saved me, so there was still plenty of savings for me to feel good.

I thought that I knew what I was doing and had reached out to a couple of dealers.  The car industry has a bad reputation for obvious reason and for the most part they are scared of CCP as Tom knows what he’s talking about.  I saw a few cars and am glad that I did not buy them as Tom steered me clear of those cars.  One was a Mercedes ML 350 which had been wrecked per the Carfax report and also had an expensive maintenance record. This particular dealer tried to steer me away from CCP. This was the first sign that I was onto something good as now I discovered a level playing field. The other two dealerships kept on contacting me via telephone and email for cars which I was not interested in and even after informing them that I had already purchased a car. One was local in Red Bank and the other in Freehold. Tom guided me through the whole car buying process from telling me to test drive the car, sit in the backseat and even bring a piece of luggage to see how it goes in the trunk. Far more knowledgeable than I am! He thinks the whole process through as he has been through it so many times. Tom negotiated a great deal and I thought that I was a shrewd negotiator. I opened the glovebox and based on the asking sticker, Tom saved me about $4000!

The sale was consummated and I was happy as a clam on my new purchase. I have since gone on a road trip in my car with my son and dog to DC, Philadelphia, and as far south as Williamsburg. Tom found me a great car and can’t wait until my next purchase and yes, it will definitely be with the help of CCP! Never again will I buy a car without the help and services of Tom Paolella. Tom puts the client first and is truly a straight shooter in an industry full of curve balls! Before you buy a new or used car, use CCP or over pay the consequences!” – Alvaro, Fair Haven NJ 


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