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  • Tom Paolella

I Found the Right Service

Within the first few minutes during our initial call I knew I had found the right car buying service. Tom picked up on my excitement for my next car immediately and we were able to keep that level of excitement up during the entire call since he is also a car geek. That initial call was on a Tuesday night around 9 PM and by that Friday, Tom had already found a match based on my specific requirements on the other side of the country. Tom went to work with his expert negotiating skills and was able to take thousands of dollars off the asking price. This was no small feat since the dealer held onto this car for over a year because they would never budge on the price.

I've bought numerous vehicles in the past and always have negotiated the purchase price myself. This was the most expensive car purchase for me by far and didn't want to go into the deal without professional help and guidance. I was so grateful to have Car Concierge Plus in my corner for this transaction. Tom handled all the communications and details with the dealership.

Thanks to Car Concierge Plus I now have my dream daily driver, a 2018 Mercedes AMG E63s Wagon! Tom's service was worth every penny and I can't recommend Car Concierge Plus enough!!


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