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  • Tom Paolella

Highly Recommended!

“Tom proved to be our savior! My mother-in-law crashed her car on a Saturday morning. We HAD TO replace it before the weekend was up, or else she would not be able to get to her work. I asked Tom to do the impossible: negotiate a fair deal to buy and pick up a used Toyota Corolla before the dealership would close. Within two hours we had a deal, and by 5pm my mother-in-law was on her way home in her new car. Tom was 'with us' all the time by phone. And later when we couldn't find the second key, he helped us order one. Now comes the icing to our cake. In the week following he ALSO negotiated a fair deal with the body shop for us, to sell her badly crashed car, and thus saved us another few thousand dollars! Well done! Highly recommended!" - Arjaan Everts, NYC


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