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  • Tom Paolella

Highly Recommend

"I heard of Tom's business from a colleague. I was at the tale end of purchasing a new car when my

colleague told me about Car Concierge Plus. So when it came time for my son to buy his first car I reached out to Tom. My son had a limited budget, and I was not sure if Tom would even want the business for a small deal. Well he went above and beyond and helped us find something in our price range and, more importantly, safe and in good condition. Tom negotiated with the dealership and was able to bring the price to our budget. Even up until I was about to sign the papers for the car, Tom was helping and actually got a "miscellaneous" dealership fee taken off. I highly recommend Tom and Car Concierge Plus, and will definitely be reaching out to Tom the next time we are looking for a new (or used) car." - Jim, Long Valley NJ


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