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  • Tom Paolella

He Was Just as Excited as I Was

“Tom is simply amazing. My story is a little different but the end result is the same. I met Tom while I was on the way to a dealership to look at a car. During that short drive, Tom found another (even better) car at the same dealership for me, contacted the dealership to set up viewing/test drives for both cars, and spoke with the dealership's manager. When I arrived everything was ready to go. After I test drove the car Tom found for me, he saved me a substantial amount of money by negotiating a reduced price for the car, increasing my trade-in value, and reducing the extended warranty cost. He also prepared me for avoiding the various traps one could fall into.

More importantly, as a car enthusiast, it's just flat-out nice and refreshing to talk to someone who is also a car enthusiast. Tom has a passion for cars and it's obvious this is what he loves to do. He cared as much about my car purchase as I did and he was just as excited as I was about what I ended up buying. That really matters to someone who cares deeply about the car and will only buy the exact, perfect vehicle.

If you're looking to buy a car, there is literally no reason not to call Tom - unless you don't enjoy saving money and time, that is.”


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