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  • Tom Paolella

Great Experience

“Nothing makes me crazier than spending time at a car dealership. I don’t know why, but I feel anxious and just want to leave – like an antelope in the lion’s den. So, I found Tom and loved the service he described. I had a great experience. Tom negotiated my Lexus to the point that I only showed up to sign papers and leave. Ah, sweet relief. So, when it came time to replace my wife’s Suburban, I knew exactly what to do – call Tom. He did it again. Found the exact Suburban my wife wanted and saved us a ton of cash and headaches. If you’re the guy that loves bickering and debating and spending countless hours sitting in a dealership, while a salesmen ‘checks with his manager,' Tom is not for you. But, if you value your time and want your stress level to stay low, call him. He does a great job. Money very, very, very well spent. I’ll be calling again when my kids are driving - thanks.” - Craig Lamb, Penfield NY


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