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  • Tom Paolella

Got the Job Done, and in a Very Stress- Free Way.

"Working with Tom was honestly the best decision we could have ever made in our recent search to buy a car! Like most people my husband and I have very little free time, let alone to search the Internet and go to random car dealerships where we know very little about buying a car. We also had bit more difficult of a search as I was in the market for a pre-owned car to commute with, and again being that I know very little about cars in general I knew we had to call Tom to help us with this endeavor. He helped us narrow down a car that is safe, fuel efficient, and something that I actually want to drive. I would throw ideas at him and always appreciated his honest opinion on the cars I was considering.

The best thing I think about the whole process is that Tom does all the work over the phone, all we had to do was show up at the dealership test drive the car, and make a decision!

I firmly believe in spending money on things that make my life easier, and Car Concierge Plus definitely got the job done, and in a very stress- free way. I would highly recommend using Tom in whatever kind of car you are looking for. I know we will without a doubt use him in our next car buying process." - Kim, Middletown NJ


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