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  • Tom Paolella

Got Me a SWEET Deal

"This was my second lease through Tom. Three years ago, I stumbled upon his services through a mutual friend. He was so pleasant and friendly and got me a SWEET deal on an Acura MDX. My lease expired last week and there was no way I was doing this without him again! Tom managed to get me another amazing deal on a Volvo XC90. I hadn't even considered a Volvo when trying to figure out what car I'd like next, but he suggested a few different brands, set up a couple of test drives and I was hooked. Tom asks all the right questions and is like a fun little matchmaker without being pushy. He listens to his clients and works FOR them, not for a dealership or a brand. He knew which cars I'd like, which to avoid and worked his magic with his network of dealerships. If you are in the market for a new or used car whether it be to lease or purchase, make sure you call Tom at Car Concierge Plus - you will NOT be disappointed. He's the best!" - Elizabeth, Holmdel NJ


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