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  • Tom Paolella

Found EXACTLY What We Wanted

“We just bought a preowned car from Car Concierge Plus and let me tell you: Tom Paolella is FREAKING AMAZING. I hate buying cars, and I'm really busy and didn't have the time to do boatloads of research and deal with the stress of negotiating with dealerships. With Tom, I didn't have to! He stayed on our search and kept digging until he found EXACTLY what we wanted, at a great price, then he held my hand every step of the way through the sale -- and was available, on-call during our visit to the dealership to answer any question or resolve any problem. I looked forward to speaking to Tom every time we were on the phone. He is so incredibly friendly, patient, polite, experienced, and knowledgeable! He also is VERY good at buying cars, and you can tell this job is something he truly enjoys.

  • Unsure which make/model best fits your needs? Tom has experience and ideas and knows exactly what to suggest. We told him generally what kind of car we were looking for, and he showed us a model we never would have considered but was perfect for us!

  • Hate the idea of haggling with car dealers? Tom did all the negotiating and saved us much more money than his flat fee. Best of all, we didn't have to negotiate a thing.

  • Unsure about "shady dealerships" and not sure who to trust? Tom's experience keeps you away from bad dealerships with poor track records. He works regularly with a range of dealerships and knows who to trust.

  • Want an edge in negotiations? Tom's experience and operation gives him a lot more leverage than an average buyer and he got us a great deal on a great car

If you're reading this, consider yourself lucky to be able to call a guy like Tom who will represent you, save you a bunch of money, and make sure you end up in a car you love -- no hassle. Tom is the best!” – Amy O Leary, Brooklyn NY


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