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  • Tom Paolella

Extremely Patient

“When my husband and I decided to call Tom to get us the new Volkswagen Atlas, we had no idea we were giving him a nearly impossible task. We were set on a specific trim package and we were not willing to compromise on the color. Tom worked for about a week coming up with constant dead ends but not for lack of trying. Through his research and calling probably every VW dealership from Maryland to Massachusetts we all soon came to learn that the exact car we wanted was one of 11 in the entire Northeast! With no new inventory on its way, we had all but decided to wait to buy until the fall when more 2018 models were released. Just before we completely gave up hope, Tom called with excellent news. He was able to find the exact car we wanted and he negotiated a better price than we were expecting for the new vehicle and the t

Throughout the whole process he was extremely patient with us (because I am well aware that it would have been much easier if I wasn't set on a white exterior). He kept us up to date during the whole process and was always very quick to respond to texts or emails. For previous vehicle purchases I can recall spending entire DAYS in dealerships waiting for the salesperson to speak to the sales manager and repeating the process over and over again.

For this transaction, I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with/emailing the dealership giving them our financial and insurance information and then about an hour at the delivery of the vehicle. Tom gave us a rundown the night before of what offers we should expect from the dealership (extended warranty, tire packages, etc) and he was spot on with what we encountered at pick up. He stated he would be available during the time we were picking up the car but everything went so smoothly we only just contacted him when we were done with a picture of the car and our HUGE smiles! I am 100% confident that we would not have the exact car we wanted sitting in our garage right now if it weren’t for Tom. We picked up the car yesterday and I have already recommended Car Concierge Plus and will absolutely continue to do so.” – Nicole & Frank, Bethel CT


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