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  • Tom Paolella

Experience of Dealing With so Many Dealers and Salesman Knows Who the Good Ones Are

"Thank you for assisting in our recent purchase of a 2016 Buick Enclave. I would like to write a testimonial to the experience to provide confidence to anyone considering using the services of Car Concierge Plus. Now I consider myself a good shopper when it comes to tools and cars. I do research and try to find pricing to help get to the bottom line. With cars that is very difficult. I am in favor of everyone making a good living but it always seems that the car salesman aren't quite as honest as they should be. In the past I have uncovered a web of underhandedness and deceit. It is never with joy that I enter a dealership.

Now let me get back to this last experience. I did my homework and thought I received a good quote for the vehicle I wanted to purchase. I was ready to pull the trigger and make the deal but before doing so I called Tom and reviewed where I was to see if he could do better. At first he thought that the price quote I negotiated was fairly aggressive. Well in a day and a half he came back with a much better deal. Not only financially but emotionally. When I pulled up to the dealership a salesman met me when I exited the vehicle. He addressed me by name. He brought me into the dealership and introduced me to the sales manager (who Tom was dealing with). I needed to change the roof rails from my present leased car to the new one. Immediately the salesman took the car to the service department. We completed the paperwork and then the dreaded walk to the financial manager. How many other items can they charge you for and add to the price of the car. Well in this case there were none. In ten minutes I was out of there and reviewing the specifics of my new car.

While I was with the financial manager the salesman filled the tank with gas. When has that happened to you. As I left the building it was raining and to top things off he handed me an umbrella. When I got to the vehicle it had all of the items I was expecting plus a $299.97 dealer appearance package added to the car, custom pin-striping, and door edge protection package. An added bonus I wasn't expecting and didn’t have to pay for. Finding a good price is important but finding a good reputable dealership is even more important. Leaving a car dealership and feeling good and excited about your new car is a great feeling. Tom having the experience of dealing with so many dealers and salesman gets to know who the good ones are. As an individual that is very hard to do and I would like to thank Tom for his expertise in this process. - Mike and Kathy, Naples Florida


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