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  • Tom Paolella

Ended Up with a Great Deal and a Great Car

“When my girlfriend and I started looking for a car, we did our research, but we still had a LOT of questions. Should we lease or buy used? Which dealerships were trustworthy? Should we hold out for a used car still under warranty? What about the CPO stamp? How could we tell a gamble from a safe bet? We didn't want to make this big purchase without feeling certain about what to look for and what we ought to be paying for it. After talking with Tom for five minutes, I felt more informed and ready to buy a car than I'd felt in months. He had all the knowledge of an experienced car salesman, only he was on our side! He was also encouraging, polite, and very clear. The next day he sent us a list of great deals, including a handful of cars we loved but hadn't even considered, and he kept sending new lists as we got a better sense of what we wanted. He vetted dealerships, pointed out red flags we wouldn't have known to look for, and set up the test drives for our two top choices. The day of the test drives, he was on the phone with us literally from dawn till dusk--he even found us a place to stop for lunch! Having Tom in our camp gave us the information we needed to make the right decision without any nagging doubts. We ended up with a great deal and a great car. Thank you so much, Tom!!!”


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