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  • Tom Paolella

Dreaded Process Made Easy and Painless

“Tom from Car Concierge came to the rescue when my car died suddenly last weekend! My minivan was 11 years old and showing its age but I kept putting off car shopping because I loathe the experience. When my minivan broke down irreparably on a Friday, I called Tom Saturday morning and had my new car by early afternoon on Monday (car dealerships near me are not open on Sundays).

Since my minivan was old, I had done some light research and had a general sense of what I might be interested in but I didn't have the time or interest to dig into the different features, trims, options and offers and figure out what would be best for me. Enter Tom and Car Concierge.

On our first call, Tom asked a lot of questions to understand what I was looking for and provided his perspective. Within an hour or two, he had set up test drives at three different dealerships for me to try out the three cars we had discussed.

When I did my test drives, the salespeople were present to answer my questions but did not try to negotiate with me since Tom and I both made it clear that he would be handling that for me.

When I spoke to Tom on Monday, after the test drives, he helped me choose between the two cars I was considering. Tom likes cars, has leased many cars and reads car reviews and was able to give me an informed perspective or translate the information about the cars to help me weigh the different options. Once I decided what I wanted, Tom reached out to several dealers and within two hours he had found and negotiated a terrific lease for me.

In short, Tom was easy to work with, knowledgeable about cars, familiar with various dealerships, savvy about negotiating and very supportive and informed. He took a process I had dreaded and made it easy and painless.”


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