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  • Tom Paolella

"Don't Worry, Just Let Tom Work His Magic."

“When my mechanic told me it was time to get a new car I knew I was in trouble.  I wasn't ready for a new car, I wasn't sure if I could afford one and I had no idea what car I even wanted. But I decided to take my mechanic's advice and went to a couple dealers to shop around. Once I realized I was going to get robbed I called my Sister and Brother in law in the hopes they could give me some advice.

They highly recommended Tom who got them a great deal on the car of their dreams. I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. From the very start Tom was honest, efficient, and determined to find the car of my choice for the price I wanted. It turned out the car I had in mind was tough to find. The dealer had told me there just weren't many of them in the color I wanted and they weren't going to make the effort to find it. But within only a few days of hiring Tom he had not only found the exact car I was looking for but he had the right price as well. Every time I thought this isn't going to work out, it's too good to be true, my sister would say "Don't worry, just let Tom work his magic."

And that's exactly what he did. I have to admit even after he found the car and got me a dream deal, I still thought the dealer would pull the rug out from underneath me when it came time to show up and sign. But I was wrong. I was treated like VIP at the dealer. I was in and out in no time.  Everything was already set up

There were no surprises. I even said to the finance manager "Wait, this is it?" I was shocked they weren't putting up a fight. He said to me "When you go through Tom and Car Concierge Plus, it's just done." I was nervous going to the dealer by myself but Tom was on call just in case there was any funny business. Before I left he called and spoke to the finance manager to go over every detail of the deal and made sure it was what we had agreed on. The car buying process can be a nightmare, but from start to finish Tom has your back. He is relentless with the dealers, he's able to outsmart them and beat them at their own game, and he genuinely loves what he does. I can't imagine what I would've done or how much money I would've lost if it wasn't for Tom. I highly recommend him to anyone who's thinking about getting a car, you won't be disappointed.”– Bridget, Hoboken NJ 


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