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  • Tom Paolella

Completely Changed the Car Buying Experience for Me

“I consider myself a relatively informed consumer. I do research, compare prices, and usually take the time necessary to ensure that I do not feel buyer’s remorse when making a significant purchase. Except when it comes to cars. For my entire car buying life, I have always questioned my final purchase. Did I pay too much? Should I have gone to a fourth or fifth dealership? Did I just give up because I was tired of endless negotiating over a few dollars a month? Sadly, the answer to all of those questions was usually, “Yes.” Enter Car Concierge Plus. Tom Paolella has completely changed the car buying experience for me.

Not only did he find me the vehicle I wanted, he found me a better one. I did not waste time going from dealership to dealership, I paid exactly what I expected, and he advocated for me every step of the way.

Even after the transaction was completed, he followed up with me and the dealership to ensure that I was a satisfied customer. I will never again buy another vehicle without using Car Concierge Plus. You shouldn't either. - Thomas J. Rozycki, Jr., Fanwood NJ


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