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  • Tom Paolella

Came in Way Below Budget

“So here’s how this story goes - I'm picky…OK ridiculously picky. I like my cars to be unique and do everything I want them to do, how I want them to do it, so naturally my year, make and model selection is always super slim. Adding to my dilemma, I basically live in my cars, clocking over 25,000 miles per year. This put me in a position where I was just not happy with anything I drove when looking to replace my slightly (ahem) upgraded Trailblazer SS. I wanted something with tons of power, amazing handling, a back  seat (3 kids) and a professional look. These cars exist, but are usually spread across the United States.

It was time to call Tom of Car Concierge Plus to help me find the perfect car. He did just that and he did it quick. We came in way below budget on a gorgeous Audi S4 that seems to be perfect for me.

We had the car sent to a dealership for an Audi inspection and took it for a couple of test drives. The transaction was handled almost entirely by Tom with only some signatures needed from me. Not only was the cost of the car far below what I expected to pay, Tom was able to negotiate the price down even from the incredible deal originally found. His fee was recuperated tenfold. I intend to use Car Concierge Plus for all future purchases. Now if we can only get him to find motorcycles. Thanks again Tom. P.S. modifications have already begun!” – Ryan Fleming, Toms River NJ


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