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  • Tom Paolella

Best Way to Buy a Car

"Who has time to go through the time and the hassle of finding a car? As a single mother, raising two kids and working 50-60 hours a week, I sure didn't. I knew my car's time was coming though so I had to start thinking about it. I reached out to Tom, a former colleague, just for a few pointers because I didn't think I could afford his services. Boy, was I wrong! Car Concierge Plus is ridiculously affordable and the fee more than paid for itself in the time and money he saved me. Within two days, Tom was able to find the right car for me at a GREAT deal... and even got a great trade-in price for my 10-year-old Honda! Tom's service is brilliant and hassle-free. Hands-down, it's the best way to buy a car, and the ONLY way I will be doing it in the future." - Beth, Tinton Falls, NJ


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