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  • Tom Paolella

Absolutely Recommend Tom's Services

"What an awesome and essential service for the busy family! My wife and I had been looking to trade in our 2015 Durango and upgrade to something new. We are both working parents and had neither the time nor the desire to haggle over a trade in-value and sit in a dealership for half a day. We reached out to Tom whom was a previous acquaintance, but we had not spoken in over 15 years. He described his services and how the process works, and we gave him the pertinent details and the cars we were interested in. He got back to us within 24 hours, and he narrowed it down to 2, and diligently found inventory in the area and set up a test drive for both. The vehicle we settled on was a 2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited and there were in short supply at the time. When we arrived at the dealership Tom had already set up a test drive, and we were promptly greeted by a sales agent and shown the vehicles we had selected. In the meantime Tom had negotiated the price of our trade-in above a fair value, and the price of our new Vehicle UNDER MSRP for a new lease. Tom was also knowledgeable in the other services and/or gimmicks dealerships try and tack onto your transaction, and walked us through the pitfalls and benefits of each. We had contracts completed in short order, and picked up the vehicle later that evening. This was by far the easiest, most stress free vehicle transaction we have ever been a part of, and as a self proclaimed "car guy", I buy vehicles often. I would absolutely recommend Tom's services. The cost of the service is extremely fair, and the services provided far exceed those of other companies in the same segment. You will save more on your car than if you try and negotiate it yourself, and the cost of the service is forgotten in the savings. We will be back again to work with Car Concierge Plus in the future."


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