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  • Tom Paolella

A Stress-Free Process

"Even with web access to an endless amount of car buying information services intended to give us (consumers) an insight into fair pricing data, transparency and anxiety-free experience.When we eventually visit the dealerships we are caught off guard by the orchestration of additional charges and renegotiating techniques, designed to inflate the price of the vehicles. This is what happened to me recently which caused me to alter my new-car-buying plans, and led me to Car Concierge Plus and Tom Paolella! Needless to say, Tom took an immediate active role and organized [a] flawless transaction between the dealership and me, and three days after contacting him, I drove away from the dealership with a new car!! I gladly note that Tom Paolella's message for a stress-free process is as expected. Thank you Tom!!!" – Ursula Goldblatt, Port St. Lucie FL


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