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  • Tom Paolella

A Pleasure to Work With

"It was time to replace our car but who the heck wants to negotiate with a car salesman (or the closer)? Tom Paolella, that's who! After 232,000 miles on my beloved Acura MDX odometer, we were looking for a luxury car for all those road trips to Atlanta & North Carolina. The newest MDX is just too long (& low) for our tastes. We had discussed this with Tom & he suggested comparable SUVs for us to test drive. It was the Audi Q5 that caught our collective Goldilocks & the 3 bears, not too big (Q7), not too small (Q3) but just right. We test drove it, loved the actual 2016 SUV we test drove (all the bells & whistles cause it was previously owned by a rep at the dealership with 11,000 miles on the odometer). But of course we had no desire to tackle the negotiations so all we needed to do was walk away & turn the process over to Tom and Car Concierge Plus.

After contacting all the Audi dealerships in the area, Tom hammered out a purchase price for our dream car THE NEXT DAY and that suited us just fine. That afternoon we returned to the dealership with check in hand. Of course Audi had to make one last monetary attempt, so the closer took us to his back-of-the-dealership office to offer us, at a price, the vehicle protection plan, Audi care maintenance, nitro fill, etc. And the most expensive plans needed to be decided right then & there, cause "they wouldn't be offered again."

We tried to call Tom on our cellphones but all signals are blocked within the dealership building. The closer offered the use of his speakerphone but we chose to head for the parking lot where we were able to reach Tom (privately). When we started running through all the options, Tom calmly & competently explained a few details to us & helped us realize that in this instance it was better to say no right now & walk away.

Consequently, the Audi closer offered us 30 days to decide if we do want extra coverage. I thanked Tom for "talking us down"...those salespeople can really get you going. Tom was as usual, professional, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. He's the calm in a storm. Car Concierge Plus is a stellar service for anyone interested in purchasing a car. Tom loves cars; he likes to talk about them, give advice about them, help you compare them ("Make a list..pros & cons"). That's probably because you're talking about his favorite thing (outside of his family, of course). We'll need to replace our other MDX in the near future and we"ll once again turn to Tom & Car Concierge Plus. Thanks Tom!!" - Janet, Fort Lauderdale FL


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