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  • Tom Paolella

Very Professional

“My wife and I found the exact truck that we wanted to lease, but it was located in Ohio and we live in NJ. We weren't able to go to the dealership obviously, and wouldn't have wanted to even if it was local, but I was a bit uneasy about leasing a car over the phone. I had happened to see an article about car concierge services online and decided to look into it. I found Tom on the internet and checked here on yelp to see what people had to say. I saw only positive reviews and decided to give him a shot.

He was very professional and quite easy to talk with. He explained what his process was and what he would be able to do for us. It was money well spent. Neither my wife nor I had to talk to the dealership until the very end to arrange the down payment and confirm that all the paperwork had been received, although Tom was thorough enough to check that also.

Tom also followed through with updates on the shipping date, as well as on the day the truck was actually delivered. During the process, he did not ask for any of our financial information which was nice. He provided the financial material that we needed to fill out and a contact to send it directly to at the dealership. He was always reachable, and if he missed a call, he called back that same day. I peppered him with questions throughout the process and he was always available and helpful in answering them. Best of all, he was able to negotiate a really great deal on the price of the vehicle. I know I couldn't have done better. I highly recommend his service. When the time comes for our next vehicle I will definitely use him again.” – Dan, Totowa NJ


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