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  • Tom Paolella

There Was No Uncomfortable Conversations

"My car lease was about to expire and the anxiety started to set in-it was time to go to the dealership and begin having uncomfortable conversations with a sales rep about my options. It happens every time, we get trapped and threatened if we don't walk out with a car that day- even pushing a car that I don't even want! I don't have the time or the patience to deal with this nonsense.

We knew exactly who to turn to-our

neighbor and friend Tom Paolella. He asked a few questions and told us to give him a couple days. Sure enough, he found the exact type of car and color that I wanted and negotiated the price down to what I wanted to pay! I didn't have to talk to the sales rep until I went to the dealership to sign my paperwork and pick up my car. I strolled in, there was no uncomfortable conversations and I felt so good that my husband went back to work and left me alone! By the time I got to finance, they knew that I had everything negotiated and I simply passed on any extras with ease. I actually had a good time with the guys and laughed! Thanks, Tom for everything - we'll be using you again soon!" - Rod & Michelle, Middletown NJ


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