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  • Tom Paolella

The Car I Exactly Wanted!

"First off I want to thank Tom for all of his help! When I started this process I felt I could handle the purchase myself. However after speaking with my wife about some car ideas I quickly remember the last car I bought and the anxiety pour over me. I started to remember the weeks of research online. The test drives. Dealing with the sales guy and listening to all the small talk. The 6+ hours in the dealership dealing with the trade and price of the vehicle. Not getting anywhere and starting to drive away in frustration to

then have the sales manager run out and stop me to let me know they will make the deal. And after that process you try to be somewhat excited and now have to sit around for another 2+ hours handling the paperwork. No thanks! I have a very busy life between my job and family activities on the weekend and the last thing I want to do is deal with that nonsense. So I thought about Tom and Car Concierge Plus. I wanted to give him an opportunity and I’m glad I did. Tom made the entire process a breeze and very enjoyable. He did all the upfront research and sent me the options. He set up the test drives and when I finally made my decision he handled the negotiation of the price and trade. Best of all I felt like we had the upper hand during the entire process. Usually you’re so broken down that you give in and get something you’re not necessarily happy with. Not in this case. I walked away with a fantastic price and the car I exactly wanted! I can’t thank Tom enough for everything and he has certainly made it a December to remember! Thanks Tom." - Kevin, Middletown NJ


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