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  • Tom Paolella

One of the Nicest Guys You'll Ever Talk To

The thought of getting a new car is daunting. Hours at the dealer, all the fine print, and settling for higher payments were always a guarantee. That feeling when you're driving home from the dealer wondering if you got the best deal would linger for a while. None of that is the case when dealing with Tom at Car Concierge Plus. All we had to do was tell Tom what truck we wanted and our budget and he worked his

magic. When we went to Ford 3 years ago in the hopes of leasing a F-150 we were told we'd never be able to get a truck for what we wanted to pay each month. So we settled on getting a basic model Explorer. Fast forward 3 years - we hired Tom and we're paying the same amount for an F-150 with a lot more options than we had on the Explorer. Tom is one of the nicest guys you'll ever talk to and was there to answer every question we had. He called around to multiple dealers in order to get us the best deal possible. We were beyond excited when we got the call that he found the exact truck we wanted for the exact amount we wanted to pay. All we had to do was sign the paperwork at the dealer and in less than an hour we were on our way home with our brand new truck. If we hadn't hired Tom we would have been paying a lot more per month for the same truck. We would (and already have) recommend Tom's services to anyone in need of a new car. Thanks again Tom for making this usually painful process a pleasurable experience!”​- Scott & Stephanie Fitzgerald, Manalapan NJ


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