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  • Tom Paolella

Excellent Negotiating Skills

"My husband and I recently used Tom's services to help us lease a new Infiniti QX60. Our 4 year lease on our Lexus was up and I had my eye on the Infiniti for a while. I had seen some of the posts on Facebook about Car Concierge Plus and about how how easy Tom makes the car purchase process but this is something I truly could not believe....until I experienced it myself. So after picking his brain about the prices of a few other SUV makes (there is nobody I trust more than Tom when it comes to knowing the price/lease payment of a car!), I had a very good idea of what I wanted.

I gave Tom my price range (along with a couple of color options), and he told me it was reasonable for that car. When the time came and we gave him the go ahead, he came back with a great deal right away....he also told us he was still waiting to hear back from a couple other dealers. Just one day later he had an even better price with no money down! I have never put "no money down" on a car in the past. After his fast and excellent negotiating skills, he sent me a financing form where I plugged in all my information, sent it back to the dealership and it was done!

I kind of thought I would have to do that part myself but I was wrong. He took care of that as well! And that was it....he made me the appointment to pick up my car the next day and even offered to arrange travel for me between dealerships so I could drop off my old Lexus and an Infiniti employee would come

pick me up and bring me to the dealership to get my new car! I went on a Friday after work. Past memories of sitting in the dealership for 3 or more hours flooded my head and having two young children to get home to, I told my husband, "Maybe you should go." He assured me that Tom said it won't take more than an hour. This is absolutely the part where I could not have believed it until I experienced it myself. I got to Circle Infiniti (very classy dealership by the way), met the super friendly salesman Tom had been working with, who said how much he enjoys working with Tom and how he is the easiest broker to work with -no surprise there, signed my papers, and was taken to my beautiful new car. I was there 45 minutes! I couldn't believe it! By far the easiest car purchasing experience of my life! A few days later at work, after a few colleagues saw I had a new car they started talking about how awful the car buying process is. I heard several stories of them being in dealerships for entire afternoons! I of course gave them Tom's name and number  :)" - Andrew & Marisa, Lincroft N


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