Provide us with your deal (in writing) and we will split the difference of what is saved from your best deal. If I cannot beat your deal, you pay nothing. For more information about this service, please contact us at 848.203.7596. 


Save yourself countless hours of shopping and the hassle of negotiating. Let me know what vehicle you want and I'll negotiate with multiple dealerships to find you an amazing deal!

At Car Concierge Plus, you will receive impeccable customer service, as I am/can:

- Am available 27/7 to answer questions and answer calls.
- Discuss the differences of leasing versus buying.
- Schedule test drives at locations closest to home (bringing the car to you at home or work to test-drive is also an option).
- Save multiple hours  of research and shopping time.
- Use my expertise to negotiate THE best price - or your money back.
- Provide you with an estimate of the value of your trade - and also negotiate this price as well. 
- Review all contract details before you sign (if you choose, the ONLY time you need to be present at the dealership is to sign  

   all paperwork).
- Stay on-call throughout your entire time at the dealership to answer any and all questions that arise.

Call now for a free consultation (848) 203-7596, or fill out the Contact Us form.

Pricing for Service 

Unlike other car buying and leasing consultants, my flat service fee is stated up front, with no sliding scale. Many other consultants charge a fluctuating percentage based upon the market, type of car, etc. Once our initial consultation is completed, and I have all the information I need about your auto wants and needs, I will reach out to you within 36 hours of our initial consultation with the one-time consultation fee. The fee will range from anywhere between $400 and $500 based upon the service requirements and whether or not a trade is present. Once the contract is signed, clearly stating the flat fee, as well as details of the service, 75% of that fee is required up front, with the remaining 25% due at the conclusion of the transaction (i.e. when the car is in your driveway).

Once again, once the fee has been determined and contract signed, there are NEVER any hidden charges, taxes, or additional costs. Given the fact that each client will require different degrees of service, the initial 75% payment is NON-REFUNDABLE once the contract has been signed, and my research/negotiation process has begun. 

In regards to payment options, there are several acceptable sources of funding for the initial 75% deposit and final 25% including cash, PayPal, Google Wallet, personal check, or certified bank check. At this time, credit and/or debit card payment is not accepted.

NOTE: Flat free pricing for service/full service differs from the percentage amount for the Improve Your Deal option.

If ANY of these apply to you, then Car Concierge Plus is right for you: 

I'm an ok negotiator but would rather not deal with the long and tedious back-and-forth of buying or leasing a vehicle.
- I dislike the entire song and dance of buying a car.
- I don't know much about how dealerships operate or make money.

- I am extremely busy with work/family, and spending countless hours researching/visiting dealerships is not good use of my time.



If you already have done a majority of the legwork and have a final price in front of you, I'm confident that I can still best that deal. 

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