My name is Tom Paolella and I founded Car Concierge Plus, LLC after hearing too many harrowing stories from friends and family about their negative car buying experiences. As a communications and public relations professional, I have personally worked with some of the world's largest car companies including Subaru  and Volkswagen. I have numerous, personal relationships with auto dealers throughout the US, and have personally negotiated dozens of auto purchases, leases, and trades and am considered a top negotiator in the car buying process. 

Unlike many other "brokers" out there, the interest and happiness of my clients is my #1 priority. Also unlike many others out there claiming to offer this same service, I DO NOT accept a dollar from any dealership - meaning that my decision to purchase or lease from a certain dealer is done so because that dealership is offering the truly best price. 

I have always felt a desire to help others, and with Car Concierge Plus, I'm able to do so in my own little way by sharing my extensive automotive and car-buying  knowledge.


Car Concierge Plus was founded to bring the values of integrity and honesty to the car buying process. My mission is to be a true advocate on behalf of my clients, and to level the playing field between dealers and buyers. Most importantly, loyalty, trust and results are at the heart of every service I provide.



Changing the Car-Buying Process Forever 

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Getting a new vehicle should be a time filled with happiness and excitement. Unfortunately, for most, this day is tarnished with nervousness, angst, and in many cases regret - the regret of not knowing if you got a good deal, or have just been taken for a ride (pun intended). 


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